• One of only 12 worldwide professionals that sit on the prestigious Personal Training Advisory Board for The Cooper Institute based in Dallas TX.
  • President of D’fine Sculpting & Nutrition LLC with offices in multiple US states.
  • Hosts D’fine Your Health with Danielle Girdano; Strength Through Knowledge Radio Show
  • In 2013 she was named to the “Top 40 Executives Under 40” years old by the Dallas Business Journal
  • She was nominated and made the finalist list for the “2013 Chicago Innovation Awards” because of her mathematical based fitness programs
  • Appointed member of the National Alliance for Nutrition & Activity based in Washington D.C.
  • Certified appointed member of The Association of Integrative Research based in Dallas TX.
  • Fitness Advisor for Synergy Worldwide based in Utah, Cardiovascular Wellness of Chicago based in Chicago IL and Cardiovascular Wellness of Dallas in Dallas TX
  • Serves on both the Fitness and Medical Advisory Board for First Responders For Fitness based out of Detroit MI.
  • Advisory Board member for St. Jude Research Medical Hospital, the Sunday of Hope Project
  • Sits on the Board of Directors for the Alzheimer’s CURE Foundation
  • Wellness Chair for the Small Business Advocacy Council in Chicago IL.

Danielle is Certified Master Personal Trainer who is listed on the United States Registry for Exercise Professionals (USREPS).  She is considered one of the most elite professionals in the fitness industry today and has a sincere driving passion for helping people live longer and stronger lives through nutrition and active lifestyle.

 “You must have both desire and sacrifice to achieve success”-Danielle Girdano

Danielle grew up with a love of an active lifestyle playing organized sports from the young age of 6. With participation in the Junior Olympic circuit, college and professional level activities Danielle understands the dedication of serious athletes. Growing up in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania being in competitive sports was second nature to her. Although in her young adult life her activity level and love of athletics declined.

As a working marketing professional with a sedentary lifestyle, she gained a tremendous amount of weight over a short period of time. Danielle recalls, “I was 29 and wheezing going up stairs!” She was morbidly obese, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and getting almost no physical activity during the day. “You have to make a commitment to yourself; nobody can make the decision for you.” Wearing size XXL shirts and shorts, on a 5’4” frame, that were becoming too tight Danielle needed to make a life change for her self esteem and her health. “When you are honest with yourself and realize you only wear elastic shorts in the dead of winter because you can’t fit into jeans or regular pants it is a sobering reality!”

Noticing she could no longer do the lowest levels of activities she made a conscious choice to reclaim her life and joined a local gym. With fervent dedication and passion she steadily regained her life and body back; going as far to complete the 6,400 mile Ride the Arc bicycle project in 2010 for GLBT rights.

During her transformation Danielle found herself motivating and helping others at the gym and decided to make a career change.  Danielle began her formal education and training with the Cooper Institute in Dallas Texas. “The personal trainers I spoke to said that ‘Cooper was too difficult ‘ and ‘any certification would do,’ but I knew the Cooper Institute would be the most challenging, in depth and beneficial to me and my future clients. I believe excellence has no substitute or shortcuts!”

“It’s not just a career it’s a desire to help others achieve their fitness potential. Seeing someone reach a goal they never believed could be obtained gives a moment of tremendous elation! Words can’t express the feeling of knowing someone will live a healthier, longer and more fulfilled life!” Danielle joyfully explains.